The Growing Wedding Planning Industry

1Wedding is one of the most important parts in one person’s life. Therefore, couples are willing to spend a lot of time and money in planning their wedding, as they all want to create a wonderful memory for themselves. In light of this situation, there is a large market opportunity for wedding planning industry to develop and grow. Until now, wedding planning has become a popular industry in Hong Kong, while many people, no matter male or female, plan to enter this industry as their life-long career.


Accompany with the growing market popularity, the variety of wedding planning service such as overseas pre wedding  is also on the rise. In the past, wedding planning just involved the parts of wedding day, like researching all wedding suppliers, finding wedding venue, creating wedding rundown, creating the theme and so on. Nowadays, the wedding planning service becomes much more comprehensive, from pre wedding to post wedding. For example, before the wedding big day, pre wedding photo taking is included and served. Couples do not need to find another photography service providers and thus can save time in preparation. After the wedding day, wedding planner will tailor-made the memorable items for you, like video and photos. With more and more variety of wedding planning services, it is expected that more people will be attracted to join the labor force of wedding planning industry.

In fact, there are many job opportunities in wedding planning industry. If you are considering if you should enter this industry, you can first ask yourself a few questions. For example, do you have the traits of being a wedding planner? A good wedding planner needs to have various traits and skills, like problem-solving skills, patience, knowledge and passion. Among these traits, passion ranks at the top. It is because if you have passion, you will work hard and strive to obtain other traits which can be trained and learnt.  Currently, there is a lot of wedding planning courses in the market. People with passion in this industry can try to apply these courses. In these courses, you can have a full picture of wedding planning industry, from the history of industry, the market situation to the future potential of industry. In addition, you can learn the essential skills that can apply in the wedding planners’ daily job. Some of courses even offer placement opportunities for students to experience the real workplace. Last but not least, you can ask yourselves why you want to enter this industry. Some enter in wedding planning industry with a very meaningful mission – bringing sincere blessing to all couples. So, what are yours? Anyway, there is no best mission. Bear your special ones in your mind. Your mission will keep you working hard and becoming a good wedding planner.

Where to find quality physiotherapy centers in Hong Kong?

physiotherapy的圖片搜尋結果In Hong Kong, there are many spas, health centers, and gyms, but not all of them offer physiotherapy with trained therapists. If you have sustained an injury, if you have had a major life changing event like a stroke, or even if you suffer from a chronic condition like Multiple Sclerosis, physiotherapy may help you regain health, vitality, and energy in your daily life.

When you seek out a physiotherapy center, Hong Kong offers many options, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Some centers are focused more on using weights, some use resistance equipment like Gyrotonic machines, some like to focus on stair machines, exercise bicycles, and treadmills, and some focus on Pilates based therapy to strengthen the body. A combination of these therapy methods may be what helps you the most, so don’t dismiss one kind of exercise over another.

A qualified physiotherapy center will assess your current fitness level, determine what exercises will help strengthen your weak areas, and set up a rehabilitation plan for you to follow. During therapy, the focus will be to restore your injured area to normal function, and initially Phase one will mainly consist of manual therapies like massage and ultrasound, focusing on reducing pain and increasing flexibility. Manual therapies will particularly help increase circulation, restore flexibility, and reduce pain, allowing the body to heal with greater ease. Phase two of therapy will continue to use manual therapies, but also will introduce gentle exercises and active stretching as you begin to heal. Your body movements and patterns will be observed, and you will be taught how to correct years of bad habits in your posture and movement. At the end of phase two, you should have a great reduction in pain and restored normal function of your injured or affected areas.

After you have achieved this, you may want to continue your journey to better health by continuing an exercise regimen. Many physiotherapy centers are able to help you with this goal – after all, if you increase your general strength and flexibility, you will be much less prone to re-injury. If you move onto this level of physical conditioning, you will be considered no longer a physiotherapy patient, but a client receiving personal training. As you retrain your body to move correctly in the exercises, you may find that you require less personal, one-on-one training, and may want to vary your routine by joining group exercise classes.

Always remember – while state of the art exercise equipment is wonderful, and beautiful surroundings are soothing and refreshing, nothing can replace the skill of a knowledgeable physiotherapist. Without the therapists’ training and knowledge, you could attempt to retrain your injury on your own and reinjure it, possibly making it even worse. Always follow the therapists’ advice on exercise and stretching, and you will regain your strength and health.

Tailored services – one-on-one matchmaking

matchmaking的圖片搜尋結果Face to face and online speed dating are methods designed to create a platform for singles to meet many people in one forum. A participant sits with a possible date for a duration determined by the organizers, usually a few minutes. When the time is up, a participant is required to move and sit with the next possible date, until they are exhausted. This method is not immune to disappointments. Individuals who cannot make a good first impression are skipped right over. It is also not possible to know a person as there is only a few minutes to make an impression.

There is a dating method that seeks to address the daunting task of finding the perfect date. This is one-on-one matchmaking service, a holistic approach to dating. This model aims to succeed at first try. A team of consultants are attached to a client. A profile of a suitable date and their photograph is provided. Only if you consider him/her is when a date is arranged.

The clientele base for this model has increasingly been top executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities due to its provision of an exclusive and discreet elite premium dating services with a set of high-standard selection criteria. An assigned consultant first meets the client to find out their specific requirements. Clients are then matched based on their specific requirements. The consultants have a strong social network.

In one-on-one matchmaking service, the consultants provide coaching sessions before the actual date. The goal is to set up a platform for elite clients seeking long term commitment.  A client is then walked through general rules to avoid unnecessary mistakes during the first date. The initial date takes place in a very private and relaxing environment.  Follow up is made thereafter and feedback from the counter partner shared after the date. With this matchmaking service, one has made the selection and so they can give full attention to one person in a composed manner during their first date.

While other matchmaking services provide a rather casual fun experience, in this method people are more serious about the date and are more willing to put more effort. The assigned consultants are tasked with looking for someone extraordinary. The service delivers quality hand-selected best possible introductions. Since the goal is to facilitate quality partnerships among an elite group of individuals who are seeking long-term commitment, a consultant will meet you confidentially to find out what you want and what you don’t want.

To guarantee security, your personal information, as well as your search, is handled exclusively by the consultant with utmost discretion throughout your time as a quality dating service client.

This method is efficient in that the proposed counterparts are screened and hand-picked to meet a client’s expectation. The database niche of potential matches for a client is reserved exclusively for them. Clients only meet a limited number of carefully selected dates. One-on-one matchmaking services deliver over 85% proven success rate. One-on-one matchmaking service is undoubtedly a quality dating service.

The joy of online shopping

Life has never been more convenient than ever with the advent of online shopping. Anything we need or want we can now buy from the internet. From the edible to the decorative, from the practical to the frivolous, we can find literally everything on the internet. The arrow in Amazon’s logo says it all: anything from A to Z can be found here. Indeed, online shopping has benefited us in many ways. We can easily shop for the latest products with just a few clicks in front of the computer. If we want a particular song in an album, we can buy it online without having to purchase the whole album. Looking for an old title but don’t have time to shop at the local bookstores? Simply search for it and buy online. Shopping online can also spare us from embarrassment when we buy adults products, such as when we buy condoms online. We can now take a detailed look at the instructions on the back of the package without the need to feel embarrassed when we buy things like that at a physical store. With online shopping, we no longer need to walk into a store and feel shy as we look for the thinnest condom in the world or flavored condoms. Another advantage of online shopping is that it gives us more choices since we are no longer restricted to purchasing products at the local stores. Not only can we shop from online retailers such as Amazon or Alibaba, we can also shop directly from the official websites of international brand names to make sure that the products we buy are genuine.
However, it is important for us to exert cautious when we are shopping online. Very often, we tend to spend more in online purchases when we are presented with a slew of products on an online shopping platform where we can easily purchase everything we want and have them delivered to our doorsteps. The convenience of credit card payment does not help. Not only because it encourages us to spend, but also because making transactions online with credit card involves the issue of cyber security. Therefore, we should always shop from reputable online retailers which have put in place proper website security. Do a little research about the trustworthiness of a site by reading customer reviews and feedback of the site before you decide whether to purchase from it. Shop elsewhere if you are not sure about the creditworthiness of a site.
It is convenient and joyful to browse and shop the things we want online. To get the greatest joy from shopping online, make the right purchase and be a wise consumer, don’t over spend and think twice before placing an order.

Nutritional tips from a new mom

fish oil的圖片搜尋結果Last weekend, I visited a friend who has just given birth to her baby girl last month. We haven’t met up for a while since I have been busy with my work and she staying home waiting for the birth of her baby. I was delighted to catch up with her and meet her baby girl. We talked a lot about our life, work and all the things that have been happening around us. It’s natural that the topic of infant health and nutrition made its way into our conversation. She shared with me a lot of information about caring for her baby, such as her choice of breast-feeding over milk formula, the nutrients essential for babies and women after pregnancy, how to choose the right food supplements, and many more.

My friend said that calcium is a crucial element for the growth of infants and small children. It is a mineral essential for strong bones and teeth as well as blood clotting and the regulation of muscle contractions such as heartbeat. Therefore, it is recommended that women who are breastfeeding should take 1,250mg a day for her baby to receive enough amount of calcium. Parents may consider giving their kids calcium supplements if they think that their kids’ food do not provide them with the necessary amount of calcium. There are many children’s calcium products available on the market and if parents have any questions about which product to buy for their children, they can consult the opinion of an expert or doctor.

She also said that calcium can be found in many sources, including milk, yogurt, cheese, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, soya beans and drinks, juices and fortified cereals. There are also different forms of calcium available on the market: tablets, liquid, soft chews. You will find one suitable for you.

Apart from calcium, she said that another essential nutrients for infant growth and development is Omega 3 fish oil, a healthy form a fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are stored in large amount in fish oil. Omega 3 fatty acids must be obtained in our diet as human bodies do not produce this vital nutrient. Fish is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and that’s why it is an essential part of our daily diet. But if you do not like the smell of fish, or have difficulties getting your children to eat fish, you can buy premium Omega 3 fish oil food supplements as an alternative.

There is so much to learn to be a new mom. From how to take care of the newborn baby to all things about food and nutrients, it is a challenging task yet a fulfilling one for all parents. The responsibility is great, but the happiness associated with it surpasses all hardships.

Useful tips from a friend saved my business from going under

I have been feeling exhausted and mentally drained lately, like I’m running out of gas and haven’t been able to boost my energy no matter how many hours I sleep at night. It is not a condition triggered by winter blues or hormonal imbalance as a result of the lack of exposure to sunlight. To be honest, I know exactly the cause of my flagging energy level: my business is going downhill. I run a small manicure shop in a nearby area. Thinking that beauty care is a profitable business given the number of women who love getting pampered with a manicure once in a while, I naively believed that starting a manicure business on my own would be a piece of cake and money would come easy.

Of course I was wrong. I started off working on my own without getting any extra help, which means I could only attend to only one customer at a time and couldn’t take on more even if I wanted to. What’s more, since I was the only one working in the shop I was responsible for everything in the daily operation. Overwhelmed with my workload, I tried hiring manicurists to help me serve more clients and assist me with the daily routine. But I could only hire young manicurists considering my limited budget. I have tried a total of three manicurists who were proved to be unreliable and unhelpful and have either left or fired by me. After that I was back on my own and every day I multi-tasked as the manicurist, receptionist, accountant and procurement officer of my little business. I simply didn’t have enough time to take care of everything and was often late on schedule and customers were kept waiting. The number of customers dwindled as their patience worn out. I was at my wits’ end.

The silver lining came when I met up with a friend whom I haven’t been in touch for some time (I didn’t have time left for my social life!) and who has been running his own coffee shop for some years. He totally understood my situation and shared with me his experience and some useful tips about running a business. He said that my first priority is to solve the problem of manpower. He suggested that I look for interns who are taking manicure programmes and certificate beauty training courses. In this way, I can get help from someone who have some basic knowledge about the industry at a lower cost. Based on their performance and work attitude, I can offer them permanent positions after they have completed their courses.

Another useful tips he offered me was about marketing. He said that running a shop in a nearby area does not mean that I can rely on my reputation (which needs time to build) and words of mouth to promote my business. He suggested me to invest a small sum in marketing, such as hiring a HK SEO services provider to help craft a website that can attract potential customers to my shop. He said online marketing is a powerful tool to promote a business at an affordable budget, and it can achieve great results if it is properly executed.

I feel like seeing the light again now that I know what to do to save my business. Do you share the same experience? Or are you currently stuck in the rut like I was? Feel free to share your feelings or insight in the comments section.

For more information about how SEO can help you, please click here.

Why Systems Engineering is Important to Businesses

imagesWhen I still was a freshman in college, I had contemplated on doing a systems engineering degree before I discovered the wonders of political science. Till this day, being the nerd that I am, I still regret my decision of not opting for a double major. It still isn’t too late if I decide to go for a graduate degree in engineering management because of its ever increasing importance in businesses in today’s world. Let me break down the reasons for you in this article.

Systems engineering has become one of the most sought-after knowledge in the business world. The field spans across various complex disciplines including science, engineering and IT, making it one of the most complicated subjects in college education. Businesses are constantly trying to refine processes and optimize performance. Whether it is a huge global retailer or software provider, management systems are always needed in place to automate procedures in order to reduce human errors and deliver sophisticated analysis and prediction models. As we have entered the golden age of technology, every business decision has become as data-driven as ever. Businesses no longer rely on instincts or the media for directions; instead they readjust strategies based on the data they can see in front of a computer screen. A sophisticated system or algorithm allows you to quantify even the most abstract components that were difficult to measure once upon a time, such as content in advertising. With knowledge in the field of systems engineering, you get to design innovative algorithms to build interfaces that help optimize results, ultimately driving better performances and profit. The valuable data collected through these systems helps businesses derive important insights to make better and smarter decisions over time.

This is why businesses are willing to spend top dollar to hire talented individuals in this interdisciplinary field. The products and services you use the most in your day to day life are all based on some of the most sophisticated algorithms ever created in the world. Google, for example, employs the most intricate, complex algorithms to deliver the most relevant and useful information for users through online search. The search giant has become a billion dollar business with major revenues from online advertisements and other innovative products. In order to succeed in systems engineering, you not only need incredible analytical skills, but you must also have the ability to create, pushing boundaries one step at a time.

So if you ask me today, I’d say that I still think it was possibly the biggest mistake I have made in my life for giving up the unique learning opportunity in school. Perhaps I would be in a completely different field than I am today had I taken on an alternative path.


How to Spot the Perfect Spray Tanning Salon

suntanIf you are a tanning lover without much extra time to spend, spray tanning salon is just right up your alley. While most of us would wish to sit on the beach sipping on a margarita and getting suntanned, the truth is we just don’t have the time. If you are looking to get a beautiful, luscious glow for the summer, here are four tips on how to spot a perfect spray tanning salon.

First, check out reviews online. With the help of online review platforms like Yelp, you can see what the previous customers have said about the business and you can be the judge yourself. You can also check out all relevant information including pictures, opening hours and services on the page. Watch out for fake online reviews which typically just sound too good to be true. Many businesses hire online marketing agencies to produce such reviews to deceive customers and boost ratings, so be sure to keep an eye out. Comments from regular, credible users are always much more reliable.

Second, make sure the salons are using safe, high-quality products. Generally spray tanning is considered safe, but various skin types react to the chemicals differently. If you happen to have sensitive skin, chances are you could have serious allergic reaction. The best tanning salon employs a variety of products to cater to different types of customers. Before you make up your mind, be sure that you understand the nature of the products to ensure utmost personal safety. You don’t want to put your health on the line just for a tan.

Third, if you are still not sure, why not pay a visit to the salon? If you are spending thousands of dollars on a tan, you’d better get your money worth. It is therefore a good idea to check out the professionals and products firsthand before you decide. You can also learn more about spray tanning by talking to a professional to put your mind at ease. You can also check out the perfect glowing tan on the satisfied customers as they walk out of the tanning salon and see real results with your own eyes.

Lastly, if you are simply too busy to go visit a tanning salon, there are professionals who are willing to visit your home and perform the session. Such services will typically be more expensive and prices will vary depending on the locations but hey, sometimes you just don’t have time to spare. Ultimately you are going to benefit from the time saved.

Next time if you decide to swing by a spray tanning salon in Hong Kong, be sure to remember these tips and get yourself the perfect natural glow that you have always longed for.

How to Learn Business English

unnamedHaving trouble communicating with your boss and overseas clients? Are you looking for ways to perfect your business English? Here are four tips that can help improve your learning curve.

First, don’t be afraid to speak it. We have all been there – we know it’s difficult when you feel that a room full of people judging and staring at you. But to perfect your English, you need to be confident enough to speak it and allow sufficient practice. No matter how adequate your written English is, there will be days where you stand in front of your boss and clients delivering a presentation in English. If you want to step up your game, you definitely need to nail the language in every single aspect.

Second, watch English movies. Believe it or not, this has worked out perfectly for me. What I used to do is watching TV drama or movies with bilingual subtitles with a notepad and pen ready. Whenever I came across a word or phrase that I don’t understand, I’d jot it down immediately. By the end the movie or drama ends, I would have about ten new vocabulary and I would try to memorize them. For me this has worked out so much better than just reading a book – it can get boring very fast. Plus, movies demonstrate real-life situations and you can really see how people interact in colloquial English, which is something you may not come across in books.

Third, take a quick five-minute quiz online each day. You will be surprised by the amount of available tools floating around on the internet. You can always take advantage of those and sharpen both oral and written English. Of course, that being said, it is advised you use legitimate, authoritative sources such as BBC and British Council. Even alone on YouTube, you can find thousands of relevant practice for beginners and advanced learners. Try to take advantage of free resources as much as you can.

Lastly, if you need that extra push, sign up for a professional English class! Practical English learning courses in Hong Kong are available almost everywhere. The upside of signing up for a class as opposed to learning everything by yourself is that you always have an instructor available to answer any questions along the journey. Courses are much more comprehensive as well, covering from business emails, speaking on the phone to press releases and presentations. Many of the instructors in Hong Kong also happen to be foreigners which means you will have opportunities to interact with native English speakers. The cost of an English language speaking course in Hong Kong usually ranges from HK$200-500, which I believe is worth it.

The most important thing to remember is don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. If you better yourself, hard work and perseverance are always required. Good luck!

Should You Choose PPC or SEO?

seo-ppc-scaleThe ultimate question for many search marketers. As a digital strategist, I have some insights to offer regarding the question. Let me break down the debate here for you.

For those who are not too familiar with the world of search marketing, let me just give you a brief background of the two strategies. PPC stands for pay-per-click; search engines such as Google and Yahoo charge you by each click. The price of each click can vary, depending on how competitive your industry is. The higher you bid, the higher your text ad will be placed in a top position, outranking organic search results. On the other hand, SEO stands for search engine optimization and unlike PPC, it aims to boost your organic search results. It costs nothing to do optimization work and ranking factors depend heavily on the website’s content, quality of links and authority.

Before you decide which strategy to go with, ask yourself first – what is my goal for my online marketing plan? Do I want quick traffic and conversions? Do I want a long-term strategy that will ultimately improve the usability and content for my website? If you believe you already have a developed website in place and are certain that using paid search can drive conversions with the existing content and layout, then go with PPC by all means. It gets you the traffic that you need in a short amount of time. Results are extremely measurable and you can control your budget with great flexibility. But one down side to this is that since paid search is still ads, it undermines the legitimacy and trust for some visitors, affecting the conversion rate. SEO, on the other hand, is more of a long-term strategy. It enables search engine robots to crawl your website and its content more effectively for better rankings. As the game of SEO has changed tremendously over the years, search engines now pay much higher attention to the site’s layout, content and usability when it comes to rankings.

A comprehensive search marketing strategy should include both in my opinion. While you are working on your SEO, you could use PPC simultaneously to drive immediate traffic. PPC allows you to look at which keywords are likely to convert and you can specifically target those key terms for your SEO long-term strategy, instead of testing them out over a long period of time. It saves you time and cost to do the optimization work ultimately. Since SEO involves much more technical groundwork, you may consider hiring a SEO company to help you out. Local SEO services including rewriting and optimizing your website content in localized fashion and technical tweaks. Next time you need to make a decision between the two, revisit this post again and I hope this has offered some insights to your online marketing planning.