How to Select the Right Business Registration Service Provider

business-registrationSetting up a new business can be a pain in the neck. With all these documents and information you need to process, it can really drive one crazy. Fortunately, many accounting firms in Hong Kong provide company registry services that help lift your burden – they provide one-stop services including company secretary and trademark registration. But with the surge of such businesses, how can you make sure you are choosing your service provider wisely? Below are three tips that may be helpful.

First, experience always wins. There is a reason why it always adds confidence to the selection process. Experienced companies have been around for so long and have handled more cases than you and I can imagine. No matter how difficult your situation may be, they have got adequate experience under their belt to help you. If you want to ensure that you are getting everything right with just one trial, choose a company that knows what it is doing.

Second, adaptation is key. With all these new laws and rules that are changing the entrepreneurial landscape in Hong Kong, a good company is always up-to-date with the latest market trends and news. If you are relying on your company for taxation and audit services as well, you need to find out if they have the capacity to handle an ever-changing business environment. One way to know this is perhaps ask them relevant questions about the current market or how new regulations will affect your business. Knowing the credentials or education background of the company staff is also another great way to find out. This is an important step to protect yourself and ensure that you will receive quality service.

Third, presentation is essential. Although they are just handling your business registration and taxation, it does not mean that they can be sloppy in presentation. The way staff dress and carry themselves and communicate with clients on the first encounter is a key factor in evaluating their customer service. Notice if your consultant is dressed appropriately, asking the right questions and listening to your needs attentively. If his or her shirt is not tucked in and is chewing gum in the middle of the meeting, that is a sign of a lack of professionalism. It can really be a deal-breaker because how do you expect someone like this to treat your business seriously? It is therefore essential that you pay attention to these seemingly trivial yet important details – you may just save yourself from a bad deal.

If you want to succeed in being an entrepreneur, do not neglect the importance of registration and accounting services. In fact, it is the very first step that helps determine your initial success. Good luck!

Why Mini Storage Exploded

img99Anywhere you go in Hong Kong, a mini storage is bound to catch your eye. The rise of such business in Hong Kong is really no surprise to most people. Let me break down the reasons why its demand and supply have increased over the past decade.

First one is a no-brainer – Hong Kong is a small city with very limited space. On top of that, housing is extremely expensive and becoming increasingly unaffordable for many. Most ordinary families of four live in an apartment of 700 to 1000 square feet, which does not leave a lot of extra room for miscellaneous items and clothes. And since people in the city share a very deep love for shopping, each year we are buying more than we can consume. That is why demands for storage space have become so imminent over the past decade.

Secondly, the storage environment is excellent for certain valuable items such as red wine and clothes. Many storage have set an optimal temperature for items as such to keep them in perfect condition. In a city like Hong Kong where it is almost humid for half of the year, you need to make an extra effort to prevent your expensive items from turning bad. A storage space can easily solve this problem – it runs 24 hours every day and everything is kept safe at all times with full-on security.

Thirdly, storage is literally everywhere and extremely accessible these days. It used to be limited in industrial areas in the New Territories. But now, since demands have increased, businesses are expanding their storage locations to virtually everywhere in the city. You no longer need to travel long hours to store and retrieve your items when you can just find one around the corner of where you live. If you are having a home or office relocation, it will definitely come in handy.

Finally, from the perspective of a storage business owner, the entry of barrier and maintenance fees are rather low compared to other service industries such as food and beverage. Let’s set the scene here. You can basically rent a floor easily in any industrial buildings and turn it into a storage with surveillance systems and air-conditioning. Maintenance fees are rather low – all you need is a cleaning lady to sweep the floor from time to time and make sure everything is working fine, maybe 2 extra security guards to keep the storage safe at all times. It is a business that requires rather minimal maintenance and allows you to generate a ludicrous amount of revenue.

To conclude, mini storage has become so convenient and affordable that it has risen to be one of the hottest industries in recent years. As the need for space continues to rise, demands are expected to increase in the near future.

3 Reasons Why Old-Fashioned Way of Shopping is Better

window-shoppingIf there is one thing my online scam experience has taught me, it is that the internet is full of crooks and your bank is basically useless in helping you get your money back. So here are three reasons why I still prefer old-fashioned way of shopping than online.

First, you need to get your hands on the products that you want! It may sound like a no-brainer, but most people do not understand the importance of the golden rule. Some products are just never meant for online shopping, such as lingerie and jewellery. Let’s say you are looking for some gold jewellery for sale, the online description can only tell you so much about a product – its material and size with a standard, corny two-line description. How would you know for sure if those 24k gold earrings look good with your skin tone, hair color and outfit? And how would you know if the sellers are telling the truth about its material and quality unless you can see and feel them in person? If you are spending over a hundred dollars on a pair of earrings and want to make every penny of yours count, go to the store and find out for yourself first before you make a purchase.

Secondly, pictures are deceiving! You think you would know better by now with all these beautiful filtered Instagram pictures floating around on Facebook and other social media platforms. Pictures do not paint a thousand words anymore; instead they paint a thousand lies. If you saw your friend at dinner last night and could barely recognize her from those high-angle selfies with 5 filters on Instagram, what makes you think that you have the skills to see right through these beautified pictures? With a simple function on Photoshop or heck, even Instagram, anyone can make their products look as amazing as ever. Oh how I love technology.

Finally, it is just so easy make a trip to the store. I understand sometimes you are lazy and would rather just veg out on the couch and eat Ben and Jerry’s while checking out cute clothes online, but isn’t it ten times more fun when you can go to the store and try whatever you want in front of a mirror and take a thousand selfies in the fitting rooms with your friends? I promise there is Ben and Jerry’s in most malls too.

Don’t’ get me wrong. I don’t hate shopping on the internet; in fact, I was just looking to buy handmade earrings online the other day because they are so hard to find anywhere else. But unless the products are very rare and there are crazy discounts and free shipping, I honestly would not even bother browsing online due to the above reasons. I have to wait five days to receive my flats where I can just head to H&M and get a pair for 10 dollars right away? Nobody has time for that!

How to Choose the Right Pest Control Company

pest-control-2-300x300Choosing a pest control company might seem like a no-brainer to most people. You go to Google, type pest control, and go for the one on top of the search results without any further investigation. However, finding a good one is harder than it looks. If you want to nail the right company, below are a few tips that may be helpful.

Firstly, check if the companies are licensed or certified. These days it is not hard to find websites promoting and selling all kinds of services or products without legitimate business practices. So before you decide to hire help to carry out termite control or bed bug control, it’s important that you do enough background checks on the history and certification of companies. If the information cannot be found online, contact the companies via email or phone to find out more just to play safe.

Secondly, ask relevant questions. This is important because pest control is serious matter that needs to be handled with extreme caution and care. You want to find a company that has a wealth of experience in the past and uses the most top-notch, effective chemicals. You may also want to be a hundred percent informed on the contracts because most pest control companies that offer maintenance or prevention work nowadays will not charge customers should the pest make a return. If you want to be a smart customer and pay the least that you can, go through all the contract terms carefully.

Finally, word of mouth always makes the best recommendation. It is far more effective than any media coverage or marketing strategies. Ask around friends and families whether they have used services from pest companies and were satisfied before to get good recommendations. That way you can also save yourself a ton of trouble and time looking around online.

Most importantly, make sure that they leave you with a good first impression. Most companies will visit your premises to conduct a first round of free inspection before going to services. After that, they will provide you with a free, tailored report that details the causes and solutions to the pest problem. From there you can get a fairly rough idea of what kind of a company you are dealing with – Do they appear and speak professionally? Do they react to your concerns or questions promptly and efficiently? Do they conduct their inspection thoroughly and ask relevant information? All these will help you determine whether it is a professional company that deserves your trust and money.

If you are having trouble finding the right service provider, look to the tips above and it might just help you score the perfect company with the best pest control practices and reputation. Remember, pest control is serious, so do not be lazy with your research!

Why Speed Dating Has Become so Popular in Hong Kong

speed-datingSpeed dating in Hong Kong is becoming increasingly common, which is not a surprise to most people because for many, relationships are not as easy as they used to be. There are a few key factors that contribute to the phenomenon from both the male and female perspective.

First of all, the imbalanced sex ratio has created a difficult environment for females in Hong Kong, who are outnumbering the opposite sex by almost 10%. The ratio discrepancy has contributed to an intensifying competition among women who are looking to secure a partner in the city.

In addition, the economic independence that most women enjoy these days contributes to higher standards for their counterparts. As women are becoming socially and economically independent, priorities have changed drastically where most of them prefer focusing on career goals in their 20s instead of being a stay-home mom and raising children. As they step into their 30s, however, many begin to realize that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a partner when most of their male counterparts are getting married and having children. And in a city like Hong Kong where Chinese traditions and values are so deep-seated, most men are still expected to be the main breadwinner of family, despite the equal or even higher financial ability their female counterparts have. As a result of high living standards and increasing economic independence, women are finding it more and more difficult to find the right companion who can provide for them.

Speaking from the male perspective, many believe that women in Hong Kong are overly materialistic and overbearing. Such negative portrayal of Hong Kong women in the media and social platforms has become a widespread perception among both sexes nowadays, especially among men. This has led to a number of negative consequences, one of them being that a rising number of men in Hong Kong now prefer dating and marrying women from Mainland China. A widely perceived image of Mainland Chinese women is that they are more understanding and gentle compared to women in Hong Kong. As a result, more and more men are moving to neighboring areas in China such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou to begin searching for the love of their lives. A number of them are even relocating to reside in China as a result of high living standards in Hong Kong.

All of the above reasons are key reasons why speed dating is flourishing so quickly. Services such as singles events and table for six in Hong Kong are particularly popular. As living standards skyrocket, relationships have also become more difficult for many, especially for women. Marriage is no longer just about making a commitment between two people loving each other; rather, it involves a series of realistic financial decisions. The dilemma is unlikely to be resolved if the current living conditions and values continue to prevail.

How to Choose the Right Music Center

dsc_0323If there is one thing Hong Kong is famous for next to its magnificent, transcendent skyline, it is the abundance of music centers. They is no way they can escape from the corner of your eye in this city because there must be one near you no matter where you go. To those of you who are looking to enroll in a DJ or guitar course in Hong Kong, below are a few tips that might help you choose the right music center and become the next musical genius.

First of all, diverse offerings are important. Pick a center with a great variety of musical instrument and theory courses available because you never know when you want to change your mind. One day you may want to sing and play the guitar like John Mayer, the next day you may wake up in the morning and decide to work on your mojo and try to look sexy with a saxophone. It’s therefore vital to keep your options open.

Second, experienced instructors are key. You don’t want to be learning music from some part-time lady instructor who is rushing home to look after her kid and is always too busy to answer any of your questions the moment the session is over. You want the most passionate, professional artists to show you the magic of music and take care of all your questions and concerns wholeheartedly. Some professional music centers offer the most top-notch, prestigious artists who have been in the music industry for decades as your instructor. Of course, with that being said, it will cost a little bit more extra money, but when you become the next Beyoncé or Justin Timberlake, I can guarantee it’s all going to pay back.

Third and probably the most important, it is extremely essential that you go through the course description carefully. The last thing you want is to enroll in a class without a detailed outline of progress. For example, a foreign friend of mine decided to learn the flute in Hong Kong and has been taking the course for about a year now. But he hasn’t really learned anything in-depth about music theory until about a month ago, which was quite absurd to me and it seems like the syllabus of the course he is enrolled in is quite unorganized. Even though he can play the flute quite well now, he cannot even grasp many simple basics of music theory. A good music center offers you a clear outline of every course, and it becomes particularly helpful when you want to track your performance from time to time.

If you have decided to pick up a musical instrument, don’t wait and follow the tips above and choose the perfect center now. Life is too short to procrastinate!